305 Sprint Car Rules

305 Sprint Savers Rules:

These car rules apply to all interregional and national events.

  1. Sprint car appearance. The minimum wheelbase is 80”- inches with a maximum of 95”- inches.
  2. The minimum weight with a driver after race: 1550 lbs. with a fire suppression system. Cars without a fire suppression system must weigh 1575 lbs. Starting weight must allow for fuel burn off. Any ballast must be securely bolted, and located between the front motor plate to 12″ behind rear motor plate. Ballast will not be permitted when using a lightened engine block.
  3. Ballast will not be permitted in the rear bumpers and rub rails, which must be steel, with a maximum wall thickness of .095
  4. A right rear bead lock is required. Bleeders will not be permitted. The right rear tire will be a Hoosier RaceSaver® plated tire. Any left rear tire with a minumum 35 durometer will be permitted.
  5. Wing(s): The main wing may have a maximum of 25 sq. feet, 61″- wide, with 30″-inch x 72″-inch side boards. The front wing must be a maximum of 2′-feet x 3′-feet with the leading edge no more than 6”-inches ahead of front tires.
  6. Cockpit adjustable weight jacks, shocks, or wings will not be permitted. Additional reservoir shocks (internal or external) will not be permitted.
  7. Titanium, carbon, and/ or ceramic brake materials will not be permitted. Titanium and/or carbon rotating parts larger than 1.5″ diameter will not be permitted. Carbon drive train parts will not be permitted.
  8. Open drive lines will not be permitted. Safety hoop or strap is required. Center section of the rear end must centered within the rails.
  9. A fuel tank & bladder assy. or Fuel Safe enduro cell meeting FIA-FT3 & SFI Spec. 28.1 is required.  A main  fuel line shut off is required. An on board fire suppression system is recommended.
  10. Only pure methanol is allowed. Additives of any type will not be permitted. Fuel is subject to chemical analysis.
  11. Safety requirements: SFI approved helmet, 5 point harness, fire suit, gloves, roll bar padding, shoes, arm restraints. Hans® type device strongly recommended.


LINK TO MOTOR RULES:http://www.racesaver.com/rules.cfm?rk=12