Factory Stock Rules

Factory Stock Rules 2018

  • All make and model cars (NO Sports Cars)
  • Allowed to run rubber nose and tail (NO Wedge Noses)
  • Role Cages ok but nothing in front of the radiator
  • Racing Seat, Fuel Cell, Belts and Window net ok
  • Must have factory firewall front and back and factory floor pan
  • Steering Column can be replaced with rod and pop off steering wheel
  • Must have factory body but can be replaced with factory steal body. NO aluminum of fiberglass bodies.
  • Motors can run aluminum radiator and pulleys, stock motor that came out in the year and make of the car. Can NOT change out cam MUST run factory manifolds (NO headers).  No set back engines must be in stock position. Racing value covers, or stock is OK.
  • Carburetor 2 Barrel or 4 Barrel Quad a Jet only.
  • Suspension NO Racing springs or shocks, no bucket upper springs or lowering blocks for leaf springs. No aftermarket a-frames stock ONLY.  No 9in Ford rear ends unless it came out in the car.
  • Any 7” wheel. No bead locks
  • Studs and lug nuts can be changed.
  • Can run spoiler no bigger than 6in tall
  • Can weld rear end for POS
  • Payout is the same as Pure Street