Mini Sprint Rules

Mini Sprint Rules


  • Cars must weigh a minimum of 750 pounds with the Driver. Any material used for adding weight to the car must be firmly attached.


  • Motor no bigger than 640cc


  • Right rear must be Punch 50 or better After Race. All others tires can be any compound any manufacture.


  • All cars must have a metal firewall between Driver and engine compartment. Minimum 24 gauge or .0625 thickness aluminum.


  • Chain guards will be installed on all cars using a minimum of .090 aluminum material or equivalent.


  • On and off switches must be on the dash.


  • Roll cages shall be at least 1 1/8 inch .065 wall thicknesses or 1 1/4 inch .065 wall thicknesses.


  • Roll cages must have sufficient fore and aft bracing.


  • All cages shall be made of chromoly steel or equivalent.


  • All cars must be equipped with nerf bars and not exceed beyond the rear tires.


  • All cars must have bumpers extending beyond the front and rear tires.


  • Cars must have floor pans extending from the Driver’s feet to the front of the seat.


  • All wet cell batteries mounted in the cockpit area must be covered and vented outside the cockpit area.


  • Top wing maximum of 16 square feet.


  • Alcohol or racing fuel may be used. NO ADDITIVES ALLOWED. This only applies to performance enhancers, is not meant to exclude top end lubricants. Random fuel checks may be conducted at the conclusion of any event.


  • No traction control devices of any type will be allowed.


  • The following safety items are strongly recommended:  Name brand flame retardant uniform, five point racing style harness, racing style shoes, arm restraints, flame retardant gloves, and neck brace or helmet restraint (cage net recommended). Racing approved helmet.


  • Heat race1 lap per car, (Max of 8 laps). To determine line up will be done by pill draw at pit gate.