Pure Mini Rules

Pure Mini Rules

      4 CYL only No V6 Must be Make and Model of Car type v6 will have to run MINI MOD

  1. Body:Stock/Front and Rear after market ok


  1. Cam:Engine will need to pull 16 inches minimum of vacuum at 1200 rpm.
    Must provide vacuum source at intake or base of carburetor.


  1. Carburetor:One or two barrel or factory fuel injected, throttle body type.


  1. Chassis:Stock 4 point cage – 3 door bars on driver side


  1. Engine:Stock for car. (NO Turbo AND ALLWHEEL DRIVES)


  1. Crate Motor:None


  1. Engine Setback:None

8.Car calmed: $3000.00 and will swap cars. Must be running at end of race, and must be in top 5 to do so. All goes But seat and seat belts. $2000.00 to the driver of the car that is calmed.  Track will keep the $1000.00 no matter how the out come is.  Must have money with in 10 minutes. 


  1. Fire Suit:Recommended


  1. Flywheel:Stock


  1. Fuel Cell:Must be secure with metal strapping and protected by a roll cage.


  1. Headers:Headers ok for 2011 season. Exhaust must be cover if running thru the car.


  1. Heads:Stock


  1. Ignition:Stock


  1. Rear End:Stock –Locked ok


  1. Roof Height:42 inches minimum measurement at (10 inches back from windshield) in center of the roof.


  1. Stabilizer Bar:Stock


  1. Transmission: Stock locked is ok


  1. Spoiler:Stock


  1. Tires:Maximum 8 inches – Any DOT tire. Grooving allowed. Bead Lock on right side only.


  1. Shocks:Stock or racing in stock location. No coil over allowed or adjustable struts.


  1. Weight:None


  1. Weight Jacks:None


  1. Wheel Base:Stock


  1. Wheels:8 inch maximum. Bead lock on right side only


  1. Skirt:Okay


  1. Front Wheel Dr:Okay


  1. Fuel:Racing gas okay. No alcohol.


  1. Fire Extinguisher:Mandatory


  1. Springs:Racing or stock in stock location.


  1. Window Net:Optional


  1. Mufflers:Optional unless made to use by the city


  1. Seat belts:No older than 3 years.


  1. Brakes;stoc