Clarksville Speedway Go Kart Rules 2018

General rules:

All go karts must have a full body, wolf plate, chain guard and rear bumper!

All karts must have 5” numbers on both sides, the right front and the rear! If you do not have proper numbers and situation arises and your points are not right, it will be your fault!

There cannot be two of the same number in the same class!

Drivers must have long sleeves, pants, Full Face helmet and neck brace, gloves are recommended

Anyone caught swearing at an official will be thrown off the premises for that night and have to pay a $100 fine! This is a family event, any swearing will get you thrown out and Fined! The second offense you will be fined $250 and a third offense you are gone for the season!

Swinging at anyone or any fighting will get you thrown out for good!

No drugs or alcohol will be allowed on the premises. You will be asked to leave immediately!

Must have 3 karts to make a class. Less than 3 will run with another class and be scored separately.

If two karts are involved in an accident, both go to the rear in the same order as they were running before the accident.

Class Rules:

Box Stock:

$120 claimer rule! This means your motor can be claimed for $120 no questions asked. If you refuse to sell you will be disqualified from the race and lose all points for that day and the motor will be marked. If you refuse to let the motor be marked, you won’t be allowed to race box stock again! If your motor is claimed for a second time and you refuse to sell the second time you won’t be allowed to race box stock again! You can keep your pipe, air cleaner and adapter, chain guard and clutch, and top plate and fuel pump. You must run a drum and shoe type clutch. No disc clutches are allowed. Absolutely NO internal modifications are allowed! No aftermarket valve spring or flywheels! Absolutely NO aftermarket parts of any kind are allowed! Anyone can claim the motor by giving a race official the money and they will remain anonymous to prevent revenge claiming. The racetrack will have new motors on hand and has the right to swap motors with any kart at any time! We will perform a rpm test (Can’t rev to or past 6,000) on the top 3 finishers. Must weigh 350 lbs.

Modified Stockers:

Can run a disc clutch! Must be a 212 cc or less 6.5hp clone or predator. Can run any pipe, air cleaner and run top plate and fuel pump. Billet flywheel are optional. Can use a tillotson stock replacement carb. Gasoline only and must pull start! Must weigh 350 lbs.

Stock Appearing Clone:

This is exactly what it says stock appearing modified clone or predator engines. They must run on gas and be pull started. Pull starter must stay on the engine. You must run a stock style carburetor. Can run disc or drum clutch. Must weigh 350 lbs.

Open Small Block:

This is for Animals, World Formulas and other non-stock small blocks. May run any carburetor and may run alcohol. Must be a 7hp or less block, ¾” crank, and have small block foot print. Billet blocks, side covers, and heads are allowed. Must weigh 350 lbs.

Open Big Block:

This is for stock or non-stock big blocks. Big blocks being anything over 7hp, including overhead valve motors. Must weigh 425 lbs.


This is a run what you brung class, including shifter karts. No Suspension karts.

Kids 5-10:

Must run unaltered red restrictor plate! Gas only, must have race muffler. Must weigh 250 lbs.

Kids 11-14:

Unrestricted, must be a 6.5hp stock appearing clone or predator. Gasoline only! NO alcohol! Disc clutches are allowed. Must weigh 250 lbs.

Race director has the authority to check any go kart at any time at random for any reason!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!