Veterans Power Powder Run

More Info call Joseph Schmitt  1-844-877-7557   (844-VPPR-5KS)

These events are family friendly. We are about having fun for all ages and levels of runners. We also want to help support and promote a happy healthy lifestyle for all those who participate. If you’re expecting to run this like a PRT or an 8 minute mile speedster, you can if you want, but you don’t have too.  This is more about having a blast, getting covered in colored powder, making friends and memories!!!

​The VETERAN’S POWER POWDER RUN ™ is a 5K or 3.1 mile run/walk, which is completely an un-timed race in which color will be tossed from head to toe in different color at each kilometer.

We’ll see you at the end, where we will have a fantastic after run party, with music, swag and powder throws.

*Note: We understand some participants may have respiratory issues and we will provide a comfort mask to help limit powder from being inhaled for those requiring it. Color stations will be told not to throw powder in the face directly as well.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Respect each other, have fun at the events and just have a blast!!!
  2. We want you to be you, inspire silliness, healthiness, fun with family and friends. All while remembering those who have and still serve in the United States military.
  3. Smoking and alcohol will not be permitted at any of the event locations.

*Note: If you do smoke there will be a smoking area set outside the event areas. This is to ensure a safe, secure and fun time for all.