General Rules


General Rule

  • Welcome To Clarksville Speedway
  • We hope you will enjoy the racing program. It is the intention of the officials of Clarksville Speedway to present to the fans and participants the best possible racing program. The following rules and policies are guidelines that will be followed.
  • Regular Program Procedures
  • Gates Open at 4 p.m. Participants must register at the pit gate. All participants must take their cars to TECH for inspection prior to taking the car to the track. While the track officials will endeavor to prepare the track surface for racing, it is the obligation of the participants to assist as requested by the track officials.
  • Drivers’ Meeting, It’s the racer’s responsibility to know and follow all track rules and procedures.
  • Hot Laps & Time Trials will be at 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. Hot laps and Qualifying to all classes.  After Qualifying all purses are locked in for pay out.  Any cars that show up after Qualifying will start in the tail of the race that is to come for that class.
  • Races Start at 7.30 p.m. Race Schedules will be posted on the back of the pit tower. It is the driver’s responsibility to know when he or she is to race and be in the staging lane on time.
  • The number of cars in a class will determine the number of heat races as follows: 1 car per lap.
  • Rain Check Policy: There are NO CASH REFUNDS. If all qualifying is completed, there will be no rain checks. Any feature races not completed will be added to the next week or week’s program.
  • TRACK NO RULES: No Refunds – No Coolers – No Glass Bottles – No Standing at the Fence – No Alcoholic Beverages in the Pits – No Drinking for Drivers.
  • The Flags and Signals
  • Green Flag (green light) means, “Race”. At Clarksville Speedway we race only under green.
  • Yellow Flag (yellow light) means, “caution”: slow down immediately, hold position and watch for instructions. When the yellow light is turned out is prepared for a possible start or restart.


  • Red Flag means “stop” something is wrong. If a lengthy delay occurs, the race director may allow cars to return to the pits without penalty.
  • Black Flag means ‘‘consultation’’ – leave the track and check with the officials. The black flag cannot be ignored. Failure to respond twice means disqualification.
  • Blue Flag with Diagonal Stripe is the move over flag and means “caution” do not stop racing but hold your line or get out of the way – leaders are moving up on you.
  • Crossed Flags means “halfway” point of the race.
  • White Flag means “one more lap
  • Checkered Flag means the race is finished.


  • The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designated to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.
  • Clarksville Speedway Policy
  1. Regarding Use or Possession of Illegal Drugs or Substances.

ILLEGAL DRUGS, DEFINITION: Illegal drugs are those substances defined and prohibited by Tennessee State and/or federal laws.


  1. GENERAL PROHIBITION: Possession or use of illegal drugs or drug substances, as defined above, is prohibited in any form, by any participant, official, employee or fan at Clarksville Speedway, either on the Speedway grounds, or in any area considered to be used in the operation of the Speedway, such as parking lots or leased properties.
  2. \ PARTICIPANTS, DEFINITION: A participant is any person taking part in any event at Clarksville Speedway in any form, including but not restricted to driver, car owner, mechanics, crew members, sponsors, track officials or pit area observers. All such persons shall be considered public figures that have by their own choice become involved in auto racing events at Clarksville Speedway, with the full understanding that he or she must abide by the rules and regulations established, published, amended or announced by Clarksville Speedway. All participants are considered to be responsible for their personal conduct.
  3. FAN DEFINITION: A fan is considered to be any person on the premises of Clarksville Speedway who is not an employee, official or participant as above described.
  4. Drugs : Any person found to be in possession of or under the influence of an illegal drug or drug substance on the Speedway property, as defined above, OR any person who is arrested by duly-constituted authorities and charged with possession and/or use of illegal drugs or drug substances, OR any person who is formally charged by a court of law with illegal drug violations, shall be subject to penalties by the speedway if needed.
  5. PRESCRIBED DRUGS: If a participant is using prescription drugs on the advice of a physician, such use must be reported prior to the participant’s entry into any Speedway activities. Failure to notify officials will subject the participant to penalties as presented in the above rules.


  • Clarksville Speedway Policies
  • # 1 Rule: Do not go past the chain at the bottom of the Pit tower! You will be charged a $500.00 penalty. No exception! The use of IMPROPER LANGUAGE by anyone to a track official or publicly shall make that person subject to immediate suspension from the facility. IMPROPER LANGUAGE on a racecar, tow vehicle, etc. will NOT be permitted.
  • FIGHTING will not be tolerated. Fine and forfeiture of winnings for anyone engaging in a fight will be looked at hard.
  • CAUSING A DISTURBANCE OR GATHERING shall be considered the same as fighting and shall carry the same fine and forfeiture.



  • AN INTENTIONAL ACT OF VIOLENCE with a racecar will carry the same fine and forfeiture as fighting. The driver and car will be disqualified for the rest of the racing program. The driver will have to obtain permission from the track officials before competing in another racing event at Clarksville Speedway.
  • ROUGH DRIVING will not be tolerated. If you are judged by the track officials to be driving rough, Remove from the race or disqualified.


  • If a driver is judged by the track officials to have a PHYSICAL CONDITION, including but not limited to illness, physical injuries or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication that may make him a potential danger to others on the racetrack, he will be excluded from competition.
  • The REFUSAL OF ENTRY to any competitor or person will be at the discretion of the track officials. No reason will have to be given other than “in the best interest of racing”.
  • A PIT PASS will be required of anyone entering the pit area.
  • DRIVERS’ MEETINGS will be held each night. Any driver or owner who does not attend waves all rights to protest. Any driver that registers after the driver’s meeting starts will start at the rear of a heat race of track official choice. If you register after hot laps, you will start at the rear of the A or B feature,
  • RACE SCHEDULE will be posted on the back of the pit tower. It is the driver’s responsibility to know when he or she is scheduled to race and be in the staging lane on time.
  • STAGING LANE POLICY. The first race will be called to the staging lanes. As soon as these cars go onto the track the drivers in the second race will take their cars to the staging lanes to be lined up. If all cars have not reported to the staging lanes by the midway point of the race in progress, the track official in charge shall align those cars in the staging lanes and any other cars reporting to the staging lanes shall be placed in the rear, irregardless of their original position. Entry into the staging lanes shall be at the rear only. A line-up will be posted at the pit tower and each driver will be responsible for knowing when he or she is scheduled to race. A center lane between the cars is to be maintained. After the green flag comes out no one will be allowed to enter the track.
  • RACE STARTING POLICY requires that all cars maintain a constant speed (side by side) until the line in turn four. If cars are side by side, the flagman will start the race. No, one can pass before the green flag is given. If can’t start race after 3 times, all cars go to a single file start. If all cars don’t make it pass turns 1 and 2, No fault to anyone. Then there will be a double file restart. In turns 3 and 4, if cars bunched up, no fault. If not judgment call will be made.
  • RACE RESTART POLICY. The line-up on a restart will be reverted back to the positions of the cars as they crossed the start-finish line of the last completed lap, except when a race is restarted because of a stalled car(s). If a car is judged to have spun out on his own or caused the spin out, he will be placed in the rear. In the absence of a consensus of the judges, the cars involved will be placed in the rear on the restart. Any car that deliberately causes the race to be stopped will be penalized one lap. The decision of the judges is final. The key word is COMPLETED in the policy. A lap is completed when 4 cars crosses the finish line or the leader laps that car(s) and crossed the finish line to start another lap. A competitor can go to the pits. He cannot return to the track under green. He can return only under a caution. Returning to the track he would be put in the rear. Any scored laps that were completed during his absence would put him down that number of laps. If no laps were scored (completed) then he would return without losing a lap. After 1 lap is completed all restarts are single file with lead lap cars first and lapped cars in line according to the lap they are on. All restarts will start coming out of turn 4. A cone is used and the green flag will be presented when the leader gets to the cone. Do not pass until you have passed the cone.
  • TIME LIMIT – There is a 1 minute time limit per lap on all races. Regular Program Races are 1 laps per car for heats in all classes up to 8 laps. Features are 12 laps for all classes but Late Model, which are 20 laps and OW/PS, are 15 laps for features. All races are also timed; except Late Model, which are not timed.
  • MOVE OVER FLAG indicates that the leader(s) is coming up on you. Use caution and keep your car under control.
  • Yellow Flags – If you are judged at fault for two yellow in heat or feature you will be asked to leave the track.
  • If a YELLOW flag comes out after the WHITE flag; the race is over, you will be score as you cross the line. (It will be up to the driver to make it back to the line on its own. track has right to commonsense rule)


  • A driver that leaves the racetrack and goes to tire changing area will go to the rear if he returns to the track. Stopping at the top of staging lane is the same as going to the pits if a crewmember comes to the car.
  • The winner of each qualifying race and top 3 finishers in each feature must go across the scales and meet the minimum weight requirements and pass tech inspection.
  • RACE RESULTS will be posted on the back of the pit tower for 5 min. If you differ follow the protest policy.
  • PROTEST POLICY. A driver filing a protest must immediately state so to the infield track official at the scales at the conclusion of the race – before leaving the track. They then have 10 minutes to pay the protest fee to the official. The driver is the only person allowed paying and it must be in cash. The car under protest will then be brought to the Claim Area and will be inspected. A driver making a claim must have taken the checkered flag in the same feature and his car must be in running condition, with in the top 3. For visual protests, a $60 fee is required. If the protest is upheld, $30 will be returned, $30 stays with the track. If the protest is NOT upheld, $30 goes to the driver under protest, $30 stays with the track and the protest is dropped Any party found illegal under the protest policy forfeits all prize money AND points for the night except show up points.
  • Car claims in pure mini all go, but seat. Clarksville speedway has the right to refused or deny any claim at any time.
  • The FLAG STAND and TRACK TOWERS are for use of the Clarksville Speedway officials. Nobody else will be allowed to enter.
  • ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD: To be eligible you must have competed in less than seven events in the class you are in this year and 7 or less in any higher class in any previous year. You must make an application before mid-season championship race and be accepted and approved by the Clarksville Speedway officials.
  • Sub-drivers- No sub drivers, only show up points one time if track ok it.
  • ANY DRIVER that exits his car and protests on the track is automatically disqualified for the night and possibly fined. Any class that does not have any participation when the class is called to the track for their portion of the program will be dropped for the remainder of the season. As a driver, pit crew member, owner, participant or fan, you are hereby advised that any action taken against Clarksville Speedway or any of its officials or employees which has the effect of interfering with the operation of the facility will be held responsible for all damage and costs arising from said actions.
  • PIT AREA – TIRE CHANGING AREAThere is a pit area at the head of the staging lane on the right. You may bring jack, tires or tools to this area during your race to work on your car, but NO Fuel. All work on your car is done in this pit area if you wish to return to the race under caution, you will start at the rear of the lap you are on, if you return before the restart. If you leave this area, your race is finished and you are scored at that time (this eliminates speeding in the pits). Changing of the tires allowed only in FEATURE races. Driver allowed two complete laps, from the time of the lineup is completed to change the tire.
  • ADJUSTMENTS, ADDITIONS OR DELETIONS to the rules will be at the discretion of the Clarksville Speedway officials. In the event that a dispute between drivers, driver(s) and track officials or other(s) exists, the decision of the track officials will be final.
  • All Cars must have a fire extinguisher in car
  • All Cars must have a Safety Shut off
  • All Cars must have a chains to hook cars front and back to pull car off
  • All Cars must have Safety hoops for drive shaft 2 or more
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