Pure Mini Rules


Pure Mini Rules

4 CYL only No V6 Must be Make and Model of Car type v6 will have to run MINI MOD

  1. Body:Stock/Front and Rear after market ok
  2. Engines – No turbo or rotary engines allowed.- Stock-type fuel injection or stock manufactured carburetor only (Motorcraft, etc…). ONE 0.800″
    maximum throttle body spacer may be used. No Holley, Weber or other racing carburetors
    allowed. Carbureted cars must be stock for engine.- Motor must be stock appearing.- Motor must match brand of car. (ex. Honda must have Honda engine)

    – Any air or oil filters. (K&N, etc.)

    – Intake must be a stock intake. No Skunk 2, etc.

    – No cold air intakes for fuel injections – must be stock type breather system. A flexible rubber or
    plastic hose may be used in place of the stock air box tube. No smooth metal or smooth plastic
    tubing allowed. A cone type filter is allowed and may be connected directly to throttle body or the
    allowed tubes.
    Must provide vacuum source at intake or base of carburetor.

  3. Carburetor:One or two barrel or factory fuel injected, throttle body type.
  4. Chassis:Stock 4 point cage – 3 door bars on driver side
  5. Engine:Stock for car. (NO Turbo AND ALLWHEEL DRIVES)
  6. Crate Motor:None
  7. Engine Setback:None

8.Car calmed: $3000.00 and will swap cars. Must be running at end of race, and must be in top 5 to do so. All goes But seat and seat belts. $2000.00 to the driver of the car that is calmed.  Track will keep the $1000.00 no matter how the out come is.  Must have money with in 10 minutes.


  1. Fire Suit:Recommended


  1. Flywheel:Stock


  1. Fuel Cell:Must be secure with metal strapping and protected by a roll cage.


  1. Headers:Headers ok, Exhaust must be cover if running thru the car.


  1. Heads:Stock


  1. Ignition:Stock


  1. Rear End:Stock –Locked ok


  1. Roof Height:42 inches minimum measurement at (10 inches back from windshield) in center of the roof.


  1. Stabilizer Bar:Stock


  1. Transmission: Stock locked is ok


  1. Spoiler:Stock


  1. Tires:Maximum 8 inches – Any DOT tire or racing tires. Grooving allowed. Bead Lock on right side only.


  1. Shocks:Stock or racing in stock location. No coil over allowed or adjustable struts.


  1. Weight:None


  1. Weight Jacks:None


  1. Wheel Base:Stock


  1. Wheels:8 inch maximum. Bead lock on right side only


  1. Skirt:Okay


  1. Front Wheel Dr:Okay


  1. Fuel:Racing gas okay. No alcohol.


  1. Fire Extinguisher:Mandatory


  1. Springs:Racing or stock in stock location.


  1. Window Net:Optional


  1. Mufflers:Optional unless made to use by the city


  1. Seat belts:No older than 3 years.


  1. Brakes;stoc