Donuts Saturday

Saturday, September 30

Gate Will Open at 11am and track will be hot at NOON Till 2pm

Entry will be at the Front Gate by Fire Stations (Back Gate Will BE CLOSED)

General Admission is $20.00

Kids 10 and under General Admission is free but if ride will have to pay $30.00

Rider in Car is $30.00 (General Admission is Included)

Driver is $40.00 (General Admission is Included)

More Info Call Nisha at 1-626-660-9241 or Hxncho 1-931-896-6168


  • Safety is First
  • All drivers must have the right armband on
  • All riders must have the right armband on
  • All driver and riders must have seat belts on
  • All cars must keep moving inside the live pit.
  • Cars in the live pit will only have 2 minutes each.
  • When the red or yellow flag comes out, please stop to see what is wrong.
  • All Spector must be behind the concrete blocks.
  • No burns-out outside the live pit
  • Each and all people at the event must have on an armband.
  • Safety is First