Donuts Saturday

Saturday, February 24

Gate Will Open at 3pm and track will be hot at 3Pm Till 6pm

Entry will be at the Back Gate

General Admission is $20.00

Kids 10 and under General Admission is free but if ride will have to pay $30.00

Rider in Car is $30.00 (General Admission is Included)

Driver is $40.00 (General Admission is Included)

More Info Call Nisha at 1-626-660-9241 or Hxncho 1-931-896-6168


  • Safety is First
  • All drivers must have the right armband on
  • All riders must have the right armband on
  • All driver and riders must have seat belts on
  • All cars must keep moving inside the live pit.
  • Cars in the live pit will only have 2 minutes each.
  • When the red or yellow flag comes out, please stop to see what is wrong.
  • All Spector must be behind the concrete blocks.
  • No burns-out outside the live pit
  • Each and all people at the event must have on an armband.
  • Safety is First