Summer Fest

Sunday, June 9

General Admission $ 20.00
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Kids 6-10 $10.00

5 and under Free


Drifting $40.00 Plus Gate

Rider Drifting $20.00

Dounts $20.00 Plus Gate

Rider Dounts $20.00

Drag Racing $20.00 Plus Gate

Rider  Drag Racing$20.00

Cars Show $20.00 (Pre Car) Plus Gate


Driver/Venter  Start 10:00 AM End 9:00PM

Spectator Entry Start Noon End 8PM

Driver Meeting Start Noon

Car Show Start Noon and End 2:00 Pm

Car Show Awards Start 2:15 pm End 2:30 Pm

Dounts Start 12:30 PM End 2:30 PM

Drifting Start 2:45 PM End  7:00 PM

Drag Racing Start 7:05 PM End 9:00 PM

Music Start 3:00 PM End 9:00 PM

Car Show Classes

Best Lowrider, Best Bike, Best Import, Best Domestic, Best Wrap, Best Jeep, Best Truck, Best Exotic, FAN FAVORTITE